Life After Working At A Rental Property

A surprising number of professions have some overlap with property management and other jobs offered at rental properties. It’s common today for workers to move between several companies over the course of their career, and so these other jobs can end up being good qualifications for working in maintenance, the front office, or behind the manager’s desk.

However, your career development may eventually take you away from property management. After all, the profession has its own valuable skills to teach and they can serve you well in other industries. Here are just a few examples of what property management can prepare you for.

Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, property owners hire you to find interested buyers and renters and people looking for a new place to live will come to you to find the perfect place. The internet and property listing websites have done a lot to change how the job works, but in-person walkthroughs and open houses still take place and sellers still need someone to talk to prospective buyers, take photos of the property, and present everything in the best light while remaining honest about what needs work. Property management teams perform all these same jobs but for one specific property.

Home Contractor

Keeping a home in good shape is never an easy job, and on a rental property the hardest jobs fall to the maintenance team. While property managers will hire licensed electricians and plumbers for the most serious problems, the maintenance crew on staff still gets plenty of practical experience with doing things like repairing light fixtures, inspecting doors and windows, repairing appliances like stoves and refrigerators, and cleaning units after the tenants move out. By working a maintenance job during the day and working on a licensing program at night, you can prepare for a job as a home contractor.

General Manager

Management jobs all demand a few things in common like leadership skills, understanding people, and knowing how to motivate employees. If your career development takes you to a management position for a rental property, the skills you learn while leading a team can come in handy in all kinds of other industries.

Working a property management job might not be the first stop on your career development track, and it might not be the last stop, but it can be a very important time in your life. Thanks to the skills you can learn by working on the maintenance team, in the main office, or behind the manager’s desk, you can have all kinds of high-paying careers laid out in front of you.