The Most Universally Important Management Skills

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking at a property management career, restaurant management, or an office job. Being a team leader always demands a certain set of skills because you’ll always need to manage and organize a group of people. That means it’s important to learn these skills if you want to rise up the corporate ladder or start a company of your own. You could come up with a lot of management skills, but the most essential ones would have to be the following:

Decision Making

It seems like it would be easy to make a decision. We all make thousands of decisions every day when we choose to get up, choose to eat breakfast, choose to go to work, and so on. However, managers have to face big decisions that could help the team succeed or cause everyone to waste hours or days of work depending on how they go. These decisions are hard since you have to take responsibility and blame for making the wrong choice, but nothing will happen if you try to avoid them.


Communication within your team is absolutely critical. Every team member should know what their job is and what to expect from each other, and they should be able to tell both you and each other when something is going wrong. You should also remember that listening is a part of communicating and never ignore a team member who comes to you with a concern.


Managers often take on more work than they need to, they micromanage their team members, or they fix problems that a team member could solve if they knew how. But keep this in mind: if you could handle every task yourself, you wouldn’t need a team. Being a manager means trusting your team to handle their jobs without you, and if they’re struggling with a problem it means showing them how to fix it rather than fixing it yourself.

Staying Human

Becoming a manager means putting some space between yourself and your team. You could be great friends when you’re off the clock, but sometimes you need to make decisions they won’t like and demand that they follow through on them. However, if you become too distant your team won’t trust your decisions and won’t come to you with their concerns or feedback. Staying human means admitting to your team when you make mistakes, explaining the reasons behind your decisions, and keeping yourself relatable so your staff will keep you in the loop.

In many ways, a career in high-tech management is just the same as a property management career. In both cases you have to coordinate and manage your team, and managing people is the same no matter what you’re doing. So to make the most of your property management career, it’s always important to master the essential skills.